Article 1 - Purpose

The purpose for the development of a Universal Patient Index is to instantiate a commonly curated patient index that is universally accessible without limitation by enterprise and political boundaries.

The core services provided to healthcare enterprises, providers, and patients by the Universal Patient Index include: 

  • Efficient binding of patient identities across health information transactions.

  • Undiscoverable tracking of patient health information associated with patient identities. 

The Universal Patient Index enables patients to maintain and exercise sovereign control over their personal health identities and personal health information in a manner that is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and other applicable regulatory regimes across political boundaries.

Interoperability among decentralized healthcare information systems is achieved in compliance with applicable industry standards, including IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise).

Article 2 - Method

ARTICLE 2 – Method 

The Universal Patient Index accomplishes its purpose through the actions of autonomous computing agents operating within the parameters of this charter on a blockchain-based distributed autonomous network. 

The autonomous computing agents are incentivized to operate within this network by value created through generation of Kalibrate Coin cryptocurrency associated with network activities. The utility and free trading of Kalibrate Coin contribute to the decentralization essential to the achieving the purpose of the Universal Patient Index.

Undiscoverability of patient identities and patient health information logged on the Universal Patient Index is achieved by:

  • Implementing an undiscoverable association algorithm on the blockchain-based distributed autonomous network that prevents either deliberate or accidental association between patient identity and health information identifiers.

  • Requiring at least 30% of the autonomous computing agents to be operated by licensed hospitals in order to achieve the essential condition for undiscoverability of sufficient autonomy. 

Kalibrate Blockchain Corporation is the developer of the Universal Patient Index. Its role is to create the software, launch the distributed autonomous network, issue initial Kalibrate Coin, incubate the “bootstrapping stage,” and engage in business activities that drive adoption of the index.

Article 3 - Outcome

ARTICLE 3 – Outcome

The Universal Patient Index achieves its purpose when the autonomous stage commences and the bootstrapping stage terminates, resulting in the following outcomes:

  • The removal of barriers to transfer of patient identities and patient health information across enterprise boundaries and among disparate healthcare information systems.

  • The enabling of patients to gain sovereign control over their personal health information.

  • Timely, efficient access by healthcare providers to patient information needed to make fully-informed decisions and to provide the best possible treatment and health-related services

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