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How FormDrop Changes Health and Healthcare for the World​

Post by Calvin Wiese August 8, 2019

Making the Planet Greener

Post by Calvin Wiese August 7, 2019

What are the 21st Century Requirements for Health Identity?

Post by Calvin Wiese August 1, 2019

Millions of Active Users Needed for Healthcare Platform

Post by Calvin Wiese July 22, 2019

The Universal Health Identifier: Everyone’s Identity in One Basket

Post by Cecil Wiese June 25, 2019

Kalibrate Blockchain Comments on Proposed HHS Rule CMS-9115-P and RIN 0955-AA01

Submitted by Calvin Wiese May 17, 2019

The Universal Patient Index: The Highest and Best Use for Blockchain in Healthcare

Posted by Calvin Wiese President Kalibrate Blockchain

How the Universal Patient Index Acts as a Self Sovereign Health Identity

Short Animation by Kalibrate Blockchain

What and Why Healthcare Needs a Self-Sovereign Patient Identity System

Video Interview with Calvin Wiese President Kalibrate Blockchain

Kalibrate Blockchain Start Engine Announcment

Submitted by Calvin Wiese President Kalibrate Blockchain

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"The problem of tracking a patient's health information throughout their healthcare journey is one of the most significant healthcare problems, and that, when solved, holds the potential for a transformational inflection point for healthcare. This problem remains unsolved. We are here to bring hope."
Calvin Wiese